Working with Photos

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Your print shop may be able to print your photographs at virtually any size you want, but there are a few restrictions.

Photos from digital cameras are the easiest to work with. Generally they are high enough resolution to enlarge substantially without loss of quality. Just email us the jpg file.


If your photo has been taken by your cell phone, make sure you have it at the highest resolution possible, especially if you want the photo enlarged.

Cell phone camera functions are not generally proportioned for standard 4 x 6, 5 x 7, or 8 x 10 enlargements. If you want your photo in any of those sizes, please leave substantial background for cropping to proportion. Do not fill the photo with the subject or you will lose part of the subject when it is proportioned.

At DuMond printing, we can take your old photos and reprint them. We can even repair certain damages. Bring in your vintage photo. We’ll scan it and make whatever repairs we can. Then we’ll size it to your preferred dimensions and print it on archival paper.

This photo had a substantial tear.

Old Pic Sample

But look at it after we adjusted it.

Old Pic Sample Adj

First published on Facebook as WWYPS Tip for July 14.


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