Social Stationery

In these days of instant communication and immediate transfer of photos via email or smart phone, we seem to have lost the art of handwritten communication. But if you look back through your family treasures, you might find love letters written by your grandfather to your grandmother, a thank you note from a bride for a wedding gift, a congratulatory note from a friend on the birth of a child, a sympathy note on the loss of a family member, and the list goes on.  There is history, even in a inventory list or hand written receipt.

Personal notes carry more value than just the words. The way they are written, the handwriting itself, says something about the person who wrote the note. If you follow the link above to the “Words by Hand” site, you will find handwritten recipes from grandmothers and great-grandmothers, postcards (even one from 1907), and handwritten notes.

One of my friends had a pen pal for many years, and together they created a book called Mary and Me, subtitled: A Lasting Link Through Ink.


Imagine having a set of note  cards, personalized with something of your choice: a photo of a favorite flower or vista, the words “Thank you” in your choice of typeface with a graphic swish or accent, a family photo for Christmas cards, and the list goes on and on.

Your local print shop can even make your recipe cards. This one was created for Opal Webster, whoever she might be, probably many years ago.  It looks like a 40s or 50s image.


Check with your local printer to see what they can do for you. Personalized stationery can be a lot of fun. It doesn’t have to be formal.





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