Publisher, Word, and Saving $$$

Publisher and Word are good programs if you are designing and printing your own materials.  However, they do not always play nicely with the equipment your print shop uses.

If you want to design a business card or post card, for example, these programs let you set it up as a single card. But when you hit print, it will put multiples on a single letter size page. If you are cutting these apart at home, there is no problem.

However, your print shop has a specific format for putting multiples on a page. It most likely will not match the format that Word and Publisher use.


WikiHow has a tutorial on making business cards from MS Word. It works well if you are in a pinch, but please do not – repeat DO NOT – send this MS Word file to your print shop.

After you design your card, please create a single pdf of one card. The pdf should be the size you want the card to be, typically 2 x 3.5.  If you want the color on the card to bleed, it will need to be larger than that to accommodate the extra cutting.

When you send that single pdf to your print shop, they can lay it out in the multiples that match their cutting pattern. It’s an easy, simple, no-extra-charge process.

If you send them your Word or Publisher file, they will have to spend set-up time converting things. That costs extra.

One would assume the goal in creating one’s own cards would be the total control of the look and content, with the added advantage of being cheaper than hiring a designer. It would be a shame to negate that savings by not finishing the job to specs before sending it to the print shop.




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