Mail Merge


“Oh, dear!  We have 200 invitations to send to this wedding, and my handwriting is no longer readable. With the onset of my arthritis, just the idea of handwriting 200 envelopes is painful.”


Don’t panic.  The print shop can help. They can set up a “mail merge” to address your envelopes.

What the printer needs is a database file – most commonly Excel these days. But it needs to be set up properly.

Each line of the address needs to be in a separate column. If you want it sorted by zip code, that code needs to be in a separate column as well.  So your guest list would look like this:


This would print out as:

Mr. & Mrs. John Doe
1815 Washington Drive
Sterling, KS 67579

(By the way, this file had to be converted to jpg for uploading in the blog.  You will notice that the font is fuzzy. The letters are not clear. That’s what happens to text in jpg files.)

This mail merge works for businesses who wish to communicate with a large number of customers.

With businesses, we can print return address as well as addressee in one pass on the front of an envelope – or on a post card

For formal envelopes, the return address can be printed on the back flap of the envelope and the addressee on the front.

Do remember, however, that setting up the Excel file is critical.




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