Multi-page Publications

Laying out multi-page publications is sometimes tricky, especially when you want to print the pages two on a sheet and back them up to the appropriate pages.


This is a sample cover page layout (ignore the spine for now).  You will note that the front cover is on the right hand side of the sheet, and the back cover is on the left hand side. If this were an eight page booklet, the right hand side would be page 1 and the left hand side would be page 8.

That configuration works with all of the pages. The left hand side of the page is always the even number, and the right hand side is always the odd number. The total of the page numbers is always the number of pages in the book plus one.  Therefore if you have a 54 page book, the layout for page 36 would be [Page 36] – [Page 19], which adds up to 55.

Your eight-page layout would look like this:

Page 8 – Page 1

Page 2 – Page 7

Page 6 – Page 3

Page 4 – Page 5

Here in the shop, we have simple scrap notepads which we use to create a mock-up of the publication.


You can create a mock up using a standard sheet of paper.  Use one sheet for each eight pages of your document.

Fold the top down to meet the bottom edge; then fold the left edge over to meet the right. With scissors or an X-acto knife, cut off the top fold.

Now number the pages as you open the booklet (You may want to put a staple or paper clip at the fold to keep them in order as you number). At this point, you also have sufficient room to make notes about the content of each page. I have found that most helpful on many occasions.

Then separate the pages (remove staple or paper clip), and you can work on each two-page layout confidently.

Even numbered Page   /   Odd numbered Page


Even numbered Page   /   Odd numbered Page

When your multi-page document is set up to your satisfaction, when you have proofed and re-proofed it, and when you have had another set of eyes proof it, you can publish that document as a pdf and send it to your print shop.

Both you and your print shop should be pleased with the result.


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Lyons, KS 67554


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