At Last

Now that the elections are over and offices have been assigned, we can leave the din of political noise for the real work of the season.

Christmas preparation continues with informative letters and holiday cards.



We have a few examples of Christmas letterhead, cards, and envelopes already printed. But our main focus is to design exactly what our customer wants, bringing the image you have in your head to paper.


Some people use Christmas (or Thanksgiving) letters to keep distant family members up to date on family happenings. Births, marriages, deaths and residential moves are documented. They also keep these letters in a file, year by year, as a historical record for themselves. (Wish I had done that.)

Then Christmas cards can be personalized with photos. Or with the original art work of a family member.

Children’s art work is generally joyful and can be a record of their growing up.

christmas-angel01_ldy  nativity-drawing christmas-tree01_w11

Come in and talk with us about your Christmas communication needs.


214 West Commercial
Lyons, KS 67554




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