Paper 101

Paper comes in many types and sizes, but your local print shop only uses a few of them on a regular basis. In our business, paper is referred to as “media”.

We use the terms “text” and “cover” to indicate papers of different thickness and weight. “Text” weight is the kind you would use for letterhead.  It folds cleanly by hand.

“Cover” stock is similar to a business card or post card. If you want to fold cover stock, it is generally necessary to crease or score the paper first.

In these two broad categories, there is a variation of weights from thinner to thicker.  The larger the number, the thicker the paper.

At DuMond, we commonly carry text weight papers of 50lb, 60lb, 70lb, and 80lb. All of these are available in white. Some “letterhead colors” are available in 70lb. Letterhead colors are white, cream, natural, blue and gray predominantly.
Our colors for 50lb and 60lb include pastels

like Pink  pink or Orchid   orchid  and

brights like Cosmic Orange  astrobrights-cosmic_orange-smooth-100-100 and Gamma Green astrobrights-gamma_green-smooth-100-100

Many of our “bright” colors are available in cover stock as well as text weight.

When considering a printing project, it is wise to take into consideration what weight paper will best serve your purpose.  If you can’t decide, remember we are here to help.

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