Memory Books and Albums

Some of our clients like to do memory books and albums for special occasions. Christmas, birthdays, graduations are all events that can be honored by a memory book. These principles will also work when completing genealogy works for family.

There are several steps to creating one of these.

  1. Decide how large a time frame you are going to use. Will it be the graduate’s senior year only or his entire life history? Will it be your family’s year in review? The time frame decision will give you the structure for your memory book.
  2. Accumulate the photos, letters, certificates and such that you want to include. Put them all in one batch to bring to the print shop for scanning and inclusion. If you have electronic photos it’s even better than physical copies. If you are bringing physical photos and such, please do NOT write on the back. Your impression may show through on the front, impairing the quality of the photo.
  3. Make a list of the pages and what will be on them. Number the pages and keep  them in order.
  4. Write the text for your book and bring it to the shop in electronic format. Word files (.doc or .docx) are good, but a simple rich text format (.rtf) works just as well.
  5. Plan on the completion of this book taking twice the amount of time you originally think it will take. Start early!  When your print shop is under heavy time constraints, mistakes and errors are bound to show up.

Planning is the key in any project of this sort. As you  plan, create a small mock-up of the book as you want to see it completed. This tool will help you visualize the finished product. And it will have the additional salutary effect of keeping you on track with your purpose.

Memory books and albums can be a treasured gift for birthdays or graduations. Because they are unique to each individual, you can be certain they are a welcome gift.

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