More About Large Projects – Font Choices

Your printing project can invoke a mood, just like music.

Do you want casual? gingham-monkey

Or formal?


The feel or mood of the piece can be dictated by a choice of font. The font is the type face used for content. You can call up a mood by using different fonts.  But beware, use of more than about two fonts in any publication can be distracting, not interesting.

Fonts are divided into categories: serif, sans-serif, script, calligraphic, and handwriting.

The most common serif font looks like this. plain-serif-fontHandwriting fonts can vary widely, but they intend to look like someone’s handwriting.

black-jack-fontScript fonts are frequently used on formal invitations. But for large amounts of text, they become difficult to read.

bixantiquescriptFor serif and sans-serif fonts, you have additional choices of appearance. Arial is a frequently used sans-serif font. Regular, narrow, italic, bold, bold italic, and black are some of the choices you can make.


Not all of the choices are available in all fonts. But your print shop can show you the variety of choices available and help you make these decisions.


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