Credential or Capability

Credentials are wonderful things. They are a paper trail of  our notable accomplishments.   Our high school diploma is a credential. A college degree is a credential. A career certification is a credential. They are all wonderful. But a credential is only as valuable as the capability that goes with it. The credential says you… Continue reading Credential or Capability

It Is Personal!

  In the 1998 Movie You’ve Got Mail, Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) tells Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) … “It’s not personal. It’s business.” At DuMond Printing, business IS personal. That’s the whole point. We take your personal ideas and projects to fulfill them with capabilities and expertise you may not have at home. As an… Continue reading It Is Personal!


April is tax season. We all need to do our part for the Internal Revenue Service. As spring takes over, we find the graduation and wedding season is upon  us as well. DuMond Printing would like to remind you that we do personalized graduation announcements and wedding invitations. Most of our clients have personal photos… Continue reading Seasons

Paper Finishes

So paper is just paper, right?  Well, the answer is yes – and no. We’ve already talked about weights and colors. Today we’ll look at different finishes. But first, lets look at the process. Paper starts as a slurry of cellulose fibers and water. This slurry is drained through a sieve-like screen to create a mat of… Continue reading Paper Finishes