Credential or Capability

Credentials are wonderful things. They are a paper trail of  our notable accomplishments.



Our high school diploma is a credential.

A college degree is a credential.

A career certification is a credential.


They are all wonderful.

But a credential is only as valuable as the capability that goes with it.

The credential says you have sat through a certain number of classes or hours of training.

It often says you have passed a test.

It doesn’t, however, speak to the quality of work you can accomplish in that field. Experience and accomplishment are more than a credential. They are a capability.

When you hire a carpenter, you don’t hire his vocational training certificate. You hire his hands, his head and his skill as a craftsman.

Even with the best of training, studying, and other schooling, some capabilities grow only with time and practice.


At DuMond Printing, we have been in the business for a long time. Jay and Twila Dumond bought the business in April of 2000. But Twila had been here much longer than that.

She came to work in this building as an employee of Eck and Elaine Evans back in the 1980s. She has worked in every department of the shop from darkroom to offset press to back shop finishing to you-name-it.

Back in that day, we screened photographs in a dark room, exposed negatives and burned metal plates. Photographs came to us in hard copy, not electronically as is the norm today. Layout was accomplished on a light table with wax, type strips, and graphic elements.


The line gauge was our basic tool – along with the T-square.



At that time we didn’t have page layout software for the computer. We didn’t even have the computer as we know it today.


At DuMond Printing, we’ve seen a myriad of changes in this business. And we have done our level best to keep up.

Today most things are done electronically, but there is still some manual operation in the back shop with cutting, finishing, and binding.

As always, the goal is perfection in the final product. We’d love to be of service for your printing needs.


214 West Commercial
Lyons, KS 67554



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