Books, Booklets, and Pamphlets

Books, booklets, and pamphlets are what we call multi-page publications.  They may have four pages which is the simplest. These can generally be printed front and back of a single sheet and folded in half. Ta-da!  And you have four pages.


However, more than four pages requires some additional work. Since these are a few sheets of paper, they are generally saddlestitched. That is, stapled in the center fold.

The number of total pages must – MUST – be evenly divisible by four. When multi-page publications are printed, they are printed with two pages on each side of a single sheet.

If you are going to lay out these pages yourself, it is better if you lay each page separately.  When you take it to your printer as a pdf file, there are simple ways to make it print exactly as you’ve laid it out.

If you have laid two pages on an electronic page, and they are not the proper two pages, your printer has to manipulate your pdf document, extract the page elements, and then relay them, which will involve a set-up fee.

Detailed instructions for setting up a multi-page publication can be found in a prior blog post here.

And we are only a phone call away, if you need further assistance.

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