Color Copies

At DuMond printing we make color copies.Old Newspaper Clippings

We are adept at taking old photos or newspapers and creating accurate copies.

Please know that we need to take some time for color adjustment with old documents.

If they have aged and yellowed, like the clipping in the lower left corner of the image to the right, we will need to tell the copier to drop the yellow to some degree.

You will note that these clippings have a variety of yellows, browns, and sometimes pinks in their discoloration. Each takes different adjustments.

There are also multiple color adjustments necessary if it is an aged document that has color on  it.

Blues and greens are especially hard to copy because the scanner that reads the original document has a tendency to see blues and greens as white. So that color just drops out.

Sometimes we are unable to make a satisfactory copy of old documents by simply putting them on the copy board and copying. In those instances, we can scan the document, make the appropriate adjustments in the computer and print an accurate copy.

Just as with photographs, we have the capability to repair electronically the tears and discolorations and stains that may have happened to the original.

rosie-crop          rosie-c-a

We do NOT repair the original document. For that you need to go to a professional paper conservator.

Paper conservation is a highly specialized profession. There are several organizations that train and certify conservators. Many are related to colleges.

The prime professional association seems to be the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

They provide a wide range of information about conservation and a listing of certified providers, including some as near to Lyons as Kansas City or Denver or Omaha.

The paper we use for copying historic documents and photos is acid free to retard aging of the copy.  DuMond Printing wants you to enjoy your copies for decades to come.


214 West Commercial
Lyons, KS 67554




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