Well, summer will officially arrive in just a couple of week. It’s time for vacations, fishing, hiking, reading, sunning, and a host of other activities.

On the farm some of those activities are plowing and planting, swathing and baling, harvesting, repairing equipment, tending garden, fixing fence, and chasing cattle.

FILE2871Summertime is time to plan ahead — to start planning for…

Christmas ?!?

Yes, I said Christmas.

While this year’s calendar is half used up, now is a good time to start planning for next year’s calendar.  A family calendar makes a wonderful Christmas gift for family members.

You can add birthdays and anniversaries, special events plans, and great photos from this year to create a personalized 2018 calendar. Not only does this provide a planning helper for next year, it also is a record of who, what, when, and where.

Calendar SampleThe photo for each month can be a single picture, or a collage of as many as five photos. These photos can be of people with birthdays that month or of special times from last year’s current month.

Set aside a large envelope or file folder to collect the elements for your calendar. As long as we have your materials before November, we can most likely make your calendars in time for Christmas.

Multiples of the same calendar are slightly less in price than the first original because of the setup fee.


214 West Commercial
Lyons, KS 67554


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