Whiteout is a wonderful product for many uses. Bic wite-outHowever, in the print shop we do NOT use it, ever. There are reasons.

We cannot copy a document that has whiteout on it. Either the tape or the liquid. Both leave a raised spot which can scratch the glass on our copy board when we try to copy. Those scratches cannot be repaired, and the glass is expensive to replace.

correction-tapeAnother reason is that the whiteout leaves a shadow. Both the tape and the liquid have raised the surface of the document slightly. It may be so slight that you don’t notice it, but it’s there, none-the-less. And it will show up on the copy.

You’d be surprised at the number of people who come in with a document to be copied and just now realize there is an error in it.

Please don’t ask us for whiteout. We can scan your document, make the correction in the computer, then print from there.

If you have created a document in the computer. We prefer that you  bring (or email) the electronic format. No matter which program you used to set it up, you should be able to print or save it as a portable document file (PDF). That way, if you find just one more error, we can correct it with no problem.

Corrections are always easier if you send us the original file as well as the PDF. The PDF is used for reference of placement and elements. If your version of say MSWord is different from ours, there may be spacing irregularities that run words off the page.

If you have used a font that is not in our system, our system will make a substitution which can also skew the placement.

With a PDF, we can find a similar font (or perhaps the same font with a different name) and match things up the way you saw them as you created the document.

As with all projects, communication and timing are key.

Remember with DuMond Printing business IS personal!


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Lyons, KS 67554




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