Machine Language

In the print shop, we use several machines for printing.  These machines take instructions from our computers. We have coordinated the programs in our computers to talk with our printing machines. Generally this works very well.

Comp-Print-CnxnHowever, when our client creates a document in a different computer with a slightly different program, it sometimes doesn’t play nicely with our printing machines.

When we teach a child to set the table, we can say “set the table for four people” or “put four place settings on the table.” We can’t do that with computers. They either know “four place settings” or “four people”.  Tangled Wires

If the client’s program is set for “place settings” and our machine is set for “people”, we have to do a lot of translation to make the program and the printer work together. Essentially we are untangling the lines of communication.

This is especially true when the client’s document is small and being printed with multiple copies on a page.

If you have a card or pamphlet or handbook that will be a half page or quarter page in size when it’s completed, your print shop will print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper.

However, if you create your document on a full size page, your print size will be changed when your print shop resizes the document to the required specification.


You will need to tell your program the finished size of the piece and create your document on that specified size.  When you do that, your print shop can simply tell the printer what pages to print on each sheet. The inset to the right shows you where to change page sizes in MS Word.

The highlighted portion leads you to a drop down menu where you can select half-page, quarter page, or special sizes.

So if your document will be a booklet that is 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 when it’s finished, you will set your document up on a half-page sized page.

Your print shop is available to answer your questions about setting up a document.

At DuMond Printing, we want to make your printing experience as satisfying and painless as possible. Often that means communicating with us before you design your document.

It’s easier and less time consuming to preclude a problem than to fix it afterwards.

We are here to help.


214 West Commercial
Lyons, KS 67554





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