Yes, I know it’s still August (for today, at least), but if you haven’t started your Christmas shopping, you’ll be caught in a last minute whirlwind of buying. Check this out! At DuMond Printing, we can help you with hard-to-buy-for people. You know. Those are the people who don’t need clothes or one more tchotchke.… Continue reading Countdown

Well, Not Exactly Nothing

If you’ve been following the blog, you will probably remember this graphic. It followed the query of “what we have available“.  Because most of our work is personalized, we have nothing available to show you that is purchasable right now. However, we do have one immediately available product. Many of our customers find that our… Continue reading Well, Not Exactly Nothing

Pros and Cons

Working in the electronic age has it’s benefits…  and its drawbacks. Things can go very smoothly. A customer decides on a specific product and contacts us via phone or email. After clarifying the nature of the product, the customer sends us any logo or graphics they want us to use. We create the product. Then… Continue reading Pros and Cons