Pros and Cons

Working in the electronic age has it’s benefits…  and its drawbacks. Things can go very smoothly.

  1. A customer decides on a specific product and contacts us via phone or email.
  2. After clarifying the nature of the product, the customer sends us any logo or graphics they want us to use.
  3. We create the product.
  4. Then we email a proof of that product to the customer for inspection and approval or correction. If corrections are needed the proofing phase repeats until it’s right, down to the last comma or period.
  5. After final approval, we create the volume of product requested.

When this works, it is a wonderful method.

However several things can go wrong.

  1. The customer may not allow enough time for the whole process. If you come in at 10 am and want 100 invitations with a mail merge on the envelope before 2 pm, we’re in trouble. It simply isn’t physically possible.
  2. Sometimes the graphic program the customer has used doesn’t speak nicely with our graphic programs.
  3. Or, we may have processed three different proofs with the customer signing off on the third one. But halfway through the run, the customer calls with changes. Ouch!
  4. Sometimes we have to order special papers. This causes at least one week delay in the process.
  5. And occasionally, a piece of equipment needs adjustment, repair, or additional supplies.
  6. Then, too, you may not be the first person in line for that particular piece of equipment.

All this to say, please think ahead. 11993_ProsCons_Flat_HiRes_large

If you have a project in the works, please allow us time to do the job right. If you want a very large quantity or a special paper, be aware that we may not have it on the shelf. Standard acquisition time for certain kinds of stock can be from one to two weeks.

With specific presses, we need to allow drying time before handling the print. Depending on the current humidity, that can be as much as a day. If the job is printed on both front and back of a single sheet, it can be a two-day project just to get it printed, to say nothing of the other processes it might need.

If this is a project that needs to be perforated or folded or padded, each of these processes takes additional time.

If the project:

  • is simple (just print or print and trim to size)
  • uses standard media
  • requires little or no set up on our part

we can generally get it out in one or two days.

Remember, at DuMond Printing, business is personal.


214 West Commercial
Lyons, KS 67554




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