Plan Ahead

Holidays always seem to sneak up on me, getting here long before I’m ready.

Christmas is especially sneaky. There’s so much to do:

  • Gifts
  • Cards
  • Food
  • Tree
  • Decorations – both indoor and outdoor…

And the list could go on and on.

Every year, I plan to mail Christmas cards the weekend after Thanksgiving.

And every year, I’m heading to the post office about December 19th.

So much for good intentions.

However, the year I took my grandmother’s pen and ink sketch of the Three Magi heading for Bethlehem and created my Christmas cards, everyone was pleased and impressed to have a copy of her work, even it it was delivered in January.

So what do you have that would make a personal, one-of-a-kind Christmas card?

  • A child’s artwork
  • A picture with Santakids-drawing-of-christmas-scenery_2923071
  • A family photo
  • A photo of your decorated tree
  • Or house
  • Or yard

It takes a little advanced planning, but DuMond Printing can take your photo or artwork and create your special card with your personal message.

And if your mailing list is substantial, we can address the envelopes for you as well. Just check with us for the details.

Remember, at DuMond Printing, business IS personal!


214 West Commercial
Lyons, KS 67554




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