Before You Go to the Print Shop – Part 4

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Yay, hooray!  You have set up your project properly, with all the pages in correct order. Everything fits where you want it to go.

But wait!  You’re not done yet. You need to print your project out in hard copy.


  • Sad fact #1: Every time you type something – anything – errors will creep in.
  • Sadder fact #2: When you try to proof your own copy, your eye will see what you intended, not — repeat, NOT — what is actually on the paper.

Your project will need to be proofread. Proofing hard copy is essential to any project.

Go through it carefully yourself. Typographical errors are sometimes difficult to spot. Our eye tends to read what we think should be there rather than what is actually there.

Professional proofreaders sometimes read from back to front, reading a single word at a time. That way they are looking at the discrete word, not the word in context. Not a bad habit to get into when proofing one’s own work.


Then, have someone else look at it carefully. This should be someone who doesn’t know what your project is supposed to say. They may find technical errors, but better still, they will question when what you have written is unclear.

This gives you a chance to perfect your copy before we see it.

You’d be surprised at the number of times an item comes in with a single piece of critical information missing — like the place of an event, or the time of day, or the date.

Remember, at DuMond Printing, business is personal.


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2 thoughts on “Before You Go to the Print Shop – Part 4

  1. Yes, and what amazes me is when you have 8 proof-readers, and they ALL find something none of the others spotted. After I had uploaded my latest book about Miriam, sister of Moses, I discovered a blatant error where I’d used the wrong name! And no-one had spotted it, self included! Fortunately I saw it in time to correct it before it went live. I find this post so important. I’m sharing the link on Facebook. Thank you.


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