Revised Document Proofing

Frequently businesses and other entities, like cities and schools and civic organizations and service clubs, have a printed product that they revise from time to time.

The product might be a membership list or an employee handbook. It might be revised annually or only when changes have occurred.

In any document that is printed, revised, and the revision printed at a later date, there is the very real possibility of errors lurking in the background.

For example: your list of officers with their contact information may appear more than once in the document. You’ve had a change in officers. You make that change in the officers list page. But there is a page that contains the responsible officer’s name and contact information further in the document. It is so easy to neglect to make that change every where that officer’s title appears.oops.13

Or you’ve moved into the larger warehouse three blocks down the road from the original. You put that on the front page, but further in, you have the old address listed. Oops!

This is where your proofing skills and your team of proofreaders become very important. It is so easy to change something at one place in that document and not in the other places where it occurs.

When you send a completed document to the print shop, we assume you have proofed it carefully, and we do not attempt to re-proof it.

If you have us create a document for you, that’s a different matter. We will send it to you for proofing. Proofreading your document is, has, and always will be the author’s and editor’s responsibility.

Editor clipart


If writing and editing are not your best skills, you might consider hiring a free-lance writer and/or free-lance editor to preclude this kind of problem. Using a free-lance writer or editor doesn’t mean  you are adding a new employee. You’re simply contracting a professional on a job by job basis.


Remember, at DuMond Printing, business is personal.


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