Special Occasions

Our society seems to have moved into the electronic/internet age with a vengeance. Much of the communication that was done last century on paper has now moved to cyberspace.thumb_COLOURBOX7627887

As with every pendulum, I expect it to swing in reverse.

However, just as with the back swing on a Newton’s Cradle desk top toy, the reverse will not be exactly equal.

The problem with electronic correspondence is that it is transient – easily lost to misfiling or complete erasure. And it only takes a single click to eliminate it entirely.

For business papers, hard copy filing is more reliable – more permanent.

For personal correspondence, letters from the past hold a special fascination for the generations to come. I find it interesting and informative to read diaries and letters from bygone days. They hold the history of our society.

There is an entire sub-culture of paper-crafters who create multi-layered cards with embellishments and pop-ups, some of which will be saved for future savoring and sharing with children and grandchildren. While DuMond Printing does not carry paper crafting materials as such, we do have text and cover weight stock in various colors which we sell by the sheet.

When there is a special occasion, birthday or anniversary perhaps, a FaceBook greeting is nice, but a special card or letter is of lasting value.

Remember, at DuMond Printing, business is personal.


214 West Commercial
Lyons, KS 67554



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