Media – Sublimation

In the printing world, media stands for the surface upon which the printing is done. We have paper media and sublimation media in our shop.

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Sublimation is the process by which we turn a design on paper into a design on a cup or slate.

When temperature changes turn a solid into a gas without going through a liquid state, that is sublimation.  Because the color does not turn into a liquid ink, we can put the design onto a curved surface without fear of the colors running into one another.

However, all of our sublimation surfaces are treated with a special coating that allows the gaseous inks to permeate the surface.

That special coating is the actual surface on which the sublimation printing takes place. That is why we generally cannot use a mug or other surface that you might bring to us.

While there are sources for “do-it-yourself” sublimation coating, we have found that they are generally inferior to the commercially prepared surfaces. We cannot ensure the quality of the finished product with them.

We try never to put an inferior product on the market.

Remember, at DuMond Printing, business is personal.


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