Media – Paper – 2

Our next topic is writing paper. This is the paper used for office copiers and printers, and for general writing purposes. It may be used as letterhead, although sometimes letterhead is printed on text weight paper.

Writing paper is generally 20# or 24#. Most often it has a smooth finish for going through office printers both inkjet and laser. But it can have either a linen finish or laid finish as well.

Linen finish looks and feels like linen cloth (go Joe Closefigure). Linen is an elegant finish, but not really suitable for images because it makes them grainy.

Joe Linen

The photo on the left is printed on smooth paper (woven), but the photo on the right is printed on linen. Notice the blurring effect of the paper texture beneath the photo.

Laid finish is a series of parallel lines that are most visible when the paper is held to a light, similar to a watermark. It is not as tactile as a linen finish.

Both linen and laid finish papers are used primarily for text documents rather than graphics. Both are successful as letterheads. And they come in heavier weights than 20# and 24#.

Weight and texture of writing papers are generally decided by “hand” — how it feels to your hand. It is a matter of personal preference. Your print shop representative can show you the different types of paper available and make recommendations as to what will serve your purposes best.

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