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Cover stock is much heavier than text weight stock, but the pound numbers can be very confusing. Cover stock is figured differently from text weight stock, so a 67# cover is much heavier than a 70# text.

You don’t need to concern yourself with those numbers. That’s what your print shop is for. You will probably select cover stock by “hand”—how it feels to you.

Cover stock comes in different weights, but the most commonly used are about the weight of a standard post card or index card. They have different surfaces: smooth, pebble, linen, laid, felt, etc. You will need to remember that textured surfaces take graphics and photos differently than smooth surfaces do.

Coated stock is ultra smooth and glossy on one or both sides. It is designed to make your graphics and photos shine. It will not come with a pound weight attached, rather it is measured by the thickness of the paper. In our shop, we use both 8-point and 12-point glossy card stock. It makes great business cards and post cards.

Creased-UncreasedIf you are using a cover stock that needs to be folded, i.e. a fold-over greeting card, it will need to be creased before the fold can be accomplished neatly.

If it is folded un-creased, the fold will have rough, ragged places. Creasing has the effect of stretching the fabric of the cover stock so that it will accommodate the fold more smoothly. See the example above. Note the raggedness of the fold in the example on the right.

As always, consultation with your print shop can help your project to a more than satisfactory conclusion. Use them to best advantage.

Remember, at DuMond Printing, business is personal.


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