Before You Set Up Your Project

When you plan to print something — anything, please consult with your printer about options and parameters before you set up your project.

It is disappointing for someone to send us something they need printed by end of day today when what they have sent requires multiple adjustments. And might not look as  good as it could have when it’s finished.

Things your printer would probably tell you in an early consultation:

  1. Bleed Example SmallAlways leave at least a quarter of an inch margin between the edge of your document and any text.
  2. If you want color clear to the edge, you need to send a document oversized by a quarter of an inch on all dimensions.
  3. Limit your fonts to a maximum of three.
  4. Use highly decorative or thin elegant fonts only on a very few words. They are hard to read.Caps Sample
  5. Light text on dark background requires a heavier font than dark text on light background. In the example at right, the text on dark is bold; the text on light is normal.
  6. Strictly limit the use of all capital letters. If you want to use the capital shapes, telling your program to use “small caps” will let your words be more distinct and more easily read. (See above.)
  7. If you are not expert at design, send us your elements and a mock up of the approximate look  you want. We can set it up for you quickly and at minimum cost.
  8. Check with us on options and pricing before you box yourself into a corner.

Your local print shop wants to turn out a project that looks the best it possibly can and does exactly what you need it to do.

Consult your printer early in the project, not at the last minute.

Remember, at DuMond Printing, business IS personal.


214 West Commercial
Lyons, KS 67554



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