Money is a topic fraught with pitfalls. There’s either too much or not enough. The price of something is too high or so cheap that it’s not valued.
Money is a sticking point with printing, too. Colored print is much more expensive than black print.  When you are designing a printing project, you need to weigh carefully just how much color will add to the completed product.Sunset silhouette

Photographs can be done in color, of course. But you’d be surprised at the impact of a black and white image as well.

Sunset silhouette Grayscale



This image is spectacular in color, but would be equally impressive in grayscale printed on a yellow medium.

It’s a simple graphic with a human form silhouetted against a setting (or rising) sun.

But what about something more complicated like, say a city skyline.

Chicago Skyline


This view of Chicago is wonderful, the blue hues in the sky, the lights, the busy-ness of the city. It simply hums with action.

But…Chicago Skyline Grayscale.jpg

So does this grayscale version.


If cost is a major factor in your printing job, consider using grayscale graphics.

Black-and-white photos can be as attention-getting as their pricier color cousins.


Sure, it does take a little more creativity to get more from less, but that’s what we are all about.

We want to make your printing dollar go as far as it possibly can. And we want your printed product to look good—very good.

After all, when your print job is done by DuMond Printing, it reflects on us as well.

That’s the whole reason for our tag-line:

Remember, at DuMond Printing, business is personal.


214 West Commercial
Lyons, KS 67554


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