Summer Photos

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about summer time being a time for family reunions.

Frequently family reunions provide photos, both new and old, for sharing among family members.

FaceBook, Pinterest and several other photo sites are wonderful ways to share photos immediately.  But will you be able to find those photos in a year, or five years, or twenty? Probably not.

Our electronic age is wonderful for immediacy, but not so wonderful for keeping things for posterity. Physical photos can be saved in albums or boxes and handed down from generation to generation.

Photos are a valuable part of a family history.


My great-grandchildren will know my grandmother only through photos.

The photo at right is as I remember her when I was a child.

And the photo below was taken shortly before her death a couple of decades later.


Although both of these photos are available electronically, it is better to have the physical photo for succeeding generations to be able to see it and to get a sense of the person in the photo.


We frequently print photos for people. Some are from this century and the last half of the last century, like those above.

Others are from much longer ago.  We handle your photos very carefully and print them on archival paper designed not to age and to keep the photos for a very long time.

Check out our website for photo pricing.

We recognize the privilege of being entrusted with your precious family photos, and we treat them as the priceless treasures they are.

Remember, at DuMond Printing, business is personal.

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