At DuMond Printing, we have the ability to do a great many things. But we are a small, family-owned business in a small town. We do not have the equipment to do everything.

MugsCopy copyOn site we generally do your business cards, invitations, note cards, letterheads and envelopes, and the like. From our gift gallery, we do in-house everything we have offered on our website.

However, if you want a large vinyl banner, or an engraved nameplate for a desk, for example, we have trusted suppliers who do this for us.

There is an advantage to bringing your order for such items to your local print shop.

  • We have a history with these suppliers
  • We have vetted them for excellence of work
  • We have a working financial relationship with them
  • We have an understanding of their terminology and requirements
  • We have knowledge of their time frame between order and delivery
  • We have a way to track the progress of your order

When you come to us as your source, even when we outsource the job, you have a local person who is responsible for your project and answerable to you.

After all, a satisfied client is our best recommendation. We want to do all we can to make your project successful. If that means calling in an outside expert, we


Remember, at DuMond Printing, business is personal.

logo-2214 West Commercial
Lyons, KS 67554

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