I know, it’s still July. But there is a reason for Christmas in July.

Christmas is a “gifting” season.

By now there are actually only three months to give it real thought to purchase or create the gifts we want to give.

Yes, I know it’s actually five months until Christmas day. But November and December don’t really count. There are too many parties and activities going on from just before Thanksgiving until New Years Day.

Notepads - Winter Display


So how can a print shop help?

To begin with, we have these handy-dandy spiral notepads for list making.


Then there are the personalized gifts we can create from your photos:

  • Mugs
  • Calendars
  • Stationery
  • Note Sets

We have even printed photos on quilt squares. Imagine what a gift a quilt would be!

If you have an idea, we can probably create what you want. Just talk to us early in the process. It always works better that way.

We look good only when we make you look good.

Remember, at DuMond Printing, business is personal.

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Lyons, KS 67554



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