One of the advantages of computers is that one can keep names and addresses of family and friends in one place, easily accessible.

Another advantage of these lists is the availability of mail merge—taking the list file and merging it onto mailing labels or envelopes.

However, it is critical that the original list be set up very precisely. So look at the information you have and make decisions about the columns you will be creating for your mail merge.

For example you have an Aunt Letty who lives at 1546 North Liberal Drive in MyTown, Kansas with a zip of 660xx.  She has a husband named Bill Goodman. Their phone number is 785-555-5555. Neither has a cell phone

You can set up your database with headings of:

Name – Formal Name – Address – City – State – Zip – Phone – Cell Phone 1- Cell Phone 2

So their entry would read:

Aunt Letty & Uncle Bill – Mr. & Mrs. Bill Goodman – 1546 Liberal Drive – MyTown – KS – 660xx – 785-555-5555 – {blank} – {blank}.

When you go to  your data merge, you will use the following fields:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • City{space}State{comma space}Zip

This will give you:

  • Mr. & Mrs. Bill Goodman
  • 1546 Liberal Drive
  • MyTown, KS 660xx

If you think you are going to want to sort this list by last name, you would add another column labeled Last Name. You might also want to add a column to sort family from friends. The possibilities are endless.

But as always, thinking ahead and planning for as many alternatives as you can is the best procedure.

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