Early Assistance

Many times our clients do not realize that we can help with the planning and design of reporting instruments.

stapled invoice book

Every author I know (and I know several) has an editor, someone outside the process of the manuscript who can see holes or non sequiturs or errors in grammar and punctuation.

The same is true of business people when they are designing their business forms. Because the form is so close to the designer, minor details or needed information can easily be overlooked.

Our eyes and mind often see what we think is there, not what is actually on the paper. We always get the “big” stuff. It’s the details that we miss.

If a professional outsider is involved (like an editor for a manuscript), that professional may see things the designer missed.

Forehead SlapAnd once it’s mentioned, the designer often does a flat forehead slap, saying “what was I thinking?” or “how did I ever miss that?!?”

At DuMond Printing, we are always available to help you design your business forms.

We listen to you, ask pertinent questions, and can sometimes see those little details that escape your attention because they are simply taken for granted.

Remember, at DuMond Printing, business is personal.

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