They Arrived!


We are pleased with some of our new connections for out-sourced merchandise.

One of our clients asked for a product we had never ordered before. We found a source at a price the client approved. Production time on this particular product was listed at seven working days.

We sent the order to the supplier on Monday, December 17.

On Wednesday, December 26, we received word that the product had shipped that day, and we were given a tracking number to monitor.

Estimated delivery date was January 2, allowing for the holiday.

Product arrived safely and in perfect condition on December 31. Customer was contacted by phone and picked up product on January 2, 2019.

Seventeen days from order to pickup with two holidays intervening!

Delivered exactly as promised!

We have found a good supplier and will order from them again when the need arises.customer-1253483_1920

There is a world of sources from which to order promotional items – some reliable, some less so.

Without prior experience with the supplier, it’s hard to know which are reliable and which are not.

When you order through us, we will have already vetted the supplier for price, quality, and reliability.


Remember, at DuMond Printing, business is personal.

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