If you are like most of us, your week will be full of preparations for the Christmas holiday. And there will be lists: grocery lists kitchen schedules gift lists event schedules In the melee of all the activities, don’t forget to enjoy your events, your family, your time.   We wish you many blessings at… Continue reading Preparations

More Label Choices

Last week we talked about labels in general. Return address labels can be very handy for paper correspondence. Yes, I know that many people are into electronic messages. But there are times for the handwritten message. People still send Christmas cards and letters. Having a particular return address label for Christmas is really handy. They… Continue reading More Label Choices


The holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving was two weeks ago, and Christmas is less than three weeks away. We still have time to help you with special Christmas gifts. Personalized mugs coaster sets photo slates calendars (but hurry on those) padded money with personalized covers We will do everything in our power to make… Continue reading Holidays