Running for Office?

DuMond Printing has been active with political candidates for many years. We provide: yard signs, door hangers, buttons, handout cards, and other promotional items Some of these items take time to produce, so we need to start early if you are a candidate for office While, yard signs, door hangers and handout cards are standard… Continue reading Running for Office?

Big Isn’t Always Better

Just googled “Central Kansas” Printers, and DuMond Printing came up on the first page. I did have to put “central Kansas” in quotes. Otherwise it took in all Kansas printers. In fact, we came up first – on Google! Wow! The next entry is Consolidated Printing in Salina. Consolidated is a huge operation with a… Continue reading Big Isn’t Always Better

More About Design

Designing sales materials can be quite tricky.  There are several things you need to remember. One of those things is the Rule of Three. If you want your customer to use your product, find three benefits that he will gain by using the product. WIIFM should be your guiding principle. Your customer wants to know… Continue reading More About Design

Promoting Your Business

If you are a local business owner, sometimes your largest problem is getting the word out about your products or services. That’s what promotional items are all about. We’ve all seen the pens with the name or logo of a business. Pens travel. You lay it down; the next person picks it up and carries… Continue reading Promoting Your Business

Online Presence

Many businesses feel that they cannot operate effectively without an online presence. DuMond Printing recently (more or less)  jumped into that arena. For the last couple of years, we have had a Facebook presence and a weekly blog. But as with any new undertaking, there has been a learning curve. The internet has a vast… Continue reading Online Presence