Christmas in August Part 2

Personalized coffee mugs make a lovely Christmas gift. Photos, sayings, artwork, everything can be individualized for the recipient. You can have a photo on one side and a saying on the other. Or you can have artwork that wraps around the entire body of the mug. A collage of photos that wraps is slightly more… Continue reading Christmas in August Part 2

More About Design

Designing sales materials can be quite tricky.  There are several things you need to remember. One of those things is the Rule of Three. If you want your customer to use your product, find three benefits that he will gain by using the product. WIIFM should be your guiding principle. Your customer wants to know… Continue reading More About Design


We are happy to work with clients who want to design their own printing projects. Most of the time this works well. However, there are some basic parameters that you will want to discuss with your printer (whether us or someone else) to reach the best outcome. Some of the products our clients use most… Continue reading Foundations