Electronic File?

As a general rule, if you are bringing something to the print shop, it’s better to bring the electronic file than a printed copy. There are exceptions, but this is generally the case. Most text programs give you the choice to save your work as a PDF file. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Essentially… Continue reading Electronic File?

Before You Go to the Print Shop – Part 4

Yay, hooray!  You have set up your project properly, with all the pages in correct order. Everything fits where you want it to go. But wait!  You’re not done yet. You need to print your project out in hard copy.   Sad fact #1: Every time you type something – anything – errors will creep… Continue reading Before You Go to the Print Shop – Part 4

Before You Go to the Print Shop – Part 3

As promised, we’re looking at larger projects today. These are generally 8 pages or longer. We may saddlestitch them, coil bind them, punch them for a notebook, or perfect bind. But the preliminary set up work is exactly the same. Here’s the scoop. Each sheet of paper will have two pages on one side. It… Continue reading Before You Go to the Print Shop – Part 3

Before You Go to the Print Shop – Part 2

Last week, we talked about single page projects and some of the things you need to decide before you take the project to your printer. Today, we’ll talk about multi-page projects. They come in various sizes and formats: The single sheet folded bulletin The multi-sheet saddle stitched pamphlet or magazine – no more than 9… Continue reading Before You Go to the Print Shop – Part 2

Questions and Answers

Many people call us with questions that they believe have simple answers, but they don’t have simple answers. A caller rings in asking, “Hi, how much do you charge for color copies?” Before we can answer that question we need to know several things. The first question we’ll ask is “what are you doing with… Continue reading Questions and Answers


Sometimes people are surprised at printing costs. Several items have to factor into the price of your printing project. Most obvious are ink and paper prices. But there are other things as well. Set-up Costs Quantity Binding Folding Perforating Trimming Set-up Costs factor in when the project requires an unusual time to set up. For… Continue reading Money


Yes, I know it’s still August (for today, at least), but if you haven’t started your Christmas shopping, you’ll be caught in a last minute whirlwind of buying. Check this out! At DuMond Printing, we can help you with hard-to-buy-for people. You know. Those are the people who don’t need clothes or one more tchotchke.… Continue reading Countdown