Memory Books and Albums

Some of our clients like to do memory books and albums for special occasions. Christmas, birthdays, graduations are all events that can be honored by a memory book. These principles will also work when completing genealogy works for family. There are several steps to creating one of these. Decide how large a time frame you are going… Continue reading Memory Books and Albums

At Last

Now that the elections are over and offices have been assigned, we can leave the din of political noise for the real work of the season. Christmas preparation continues with informative letters and holiday cards.   We have a few examples of Christmas letterhead, cards, and envelopes already printed. But our main focus is to design… Continue reading At Last

Multi-page Publications

Laying out multi-page publications is sometimes tricky, especially when you want to print the pages two on a sheet and back them up to the appropriate pages. This is a sample cover page layout (ignore the spine for now).  You will note that the front cover is on the right hand side of the sheet, and… Continue reading Multi-page Publications